The NEW DAY Initiative for the Party

Formerly known as "The Battle Plan"

This initiative is specific to the Constitution Party



We must recognize the fact that war has been declared upon the citizens of these United States of America by their very own government. WE MUST treat this as the war it really is and begin in earnest to plan our strategies accordingly. No longer can we treat this as a football game where there are referees that ensure the fairness of the game and the safety of the players. We have a generation of murdered children and we are not only fighting for the soul of this nation, but for the very lives of the unborn.

As such, I present my vision and battle plan to put the Constitution Party in the position of winning battles and thus start winning the war. Below you will find the heading that I feel are important areas of strategy that needs to be implement. I have provided a synopsis of the topic. Please note the menu on the right hand side. I have created a document for each of the topics and you can click on the menu item to go to that document.



First and foremost, we have to establish what our purpose is and what our mission is and to be clear about the important difference. The purpose of the Constitution Party is to restore the Constitutional boundaries to these United States of America. The mission of the Constitution Party is to elect candidates.




While this particular topic could be covered under the heading of "candidates," I felt the concept was so vitally important as to warrant its own major topic as I believe it will need to become the strategy that is used as all levels of candidacy.



Of course, if our mission is to elect candidates, we need to have a good discussion about candidate recruitment, vetting and advertising to put them in the best position of winning elections.



The life blood of any political organization is fundraising. Here I will present some innovative ideas for funding the party.



Creating a new partnership/relationship between the National Party and the State Party is of utmost concern and there is a plan to create a dynamic relationship. Creating new levels of communication is the first and most important step.



National Committee Meetings

As chairman, one of the important roles is to organize the National Committee Meetings and I have some ideas for the future structure of these meetings that are vital to the organization of our party and will provide an atmosphere of building winning strategies to move this party forward onto the battle field.

 National Committee Organization

This is a list of committees that I feel are important to moving the party forward. Here you will find a description of their areas of responsibility and hopefully you will find an area that you would like to get plugged into.