Purpose / Mission / Motto


Because of the confusion in the difference between the purpose and the mission of the Constitution Party, we have had many people not understand the party motto, "Principle over Politics." So not only will we have a discussion as to the purpose and mission, but also a discussion on "The Principles" that we are talking about.



The purpose of the Constitution Party is to restore the Constitutional boundaries to these United States of America.

If our mission is to restore the Constitutional boundaries to these United States of America, then it leaves the door completely open as to how we do that exactly.

Having a clear defined idea that we have a purpose and that is to restore the Constitutional boundaries to these United States of America and that the way that we do that is through accomplishing our mission of electing candidates will help party leaders and members alike to stay focused on what we have to do here in the Constitution Party to save our nation.



This mission of the Constitution Party is to ELECT (our own) CANDIDATES!!

If there is any other mission, we are NOT a political party. There is no other reason for our existence if we are not here to elect candidates.

If electing candidates from another party is the mission, then we need to become an official affiliate of that part in order to do so.

As an official partisan political party we will not help the candidate from other parties get elected. This defeats our own mission and severally hampers the Constitution Party from being able to achieve our purpose.



The Constitution Party’s motto is, "Principle over Politics." This is probably one of the most misunderstood and abused issues within the Constitution Party.

Does this motto give us permission to seek the election of candidates in another party as some would suggest?

The first thing to note is that the motto is not “Principle over Party.”  There is a vast difference between that statement and our motto.  “Principle over Party” makes the Constitution Party little more than a PAC (a Political Action Committee).  As we discussed in the sections above the Constitution Party has a mission to accomplish its purpose and that is to elect our own candidates.

But just what principles are we talking about?

This phrase, “Principle over Politics” is talking about eliminating corruption and not doing things just because they are “politically expedient.”  It means that our candidates will ALWAYS conduct themselves and vote based on principles as established by the Bible, the Constitution of these United States of America and our platform.

It is my belief that one of the principles that need to be upheld is the destruction of the two-party-duopoly and that supporting a candidate from either of the two major parties does NOTHING but keeps both parties in power and destroys the effort of the Constitution Party in providing a constant and consistent stream of candidates who can compete in the political arena.

So “Principles over Politics” means that we do everything within our power to defeat the two-party-duopoly and not to cave-in to doing things politically expedient, such as supporting a candidate of one of two-party-duopoly.