The political environment is at its most turbulent in my lifetime, perhaps even since the 1850’s. A window of opportunity presents itself as more people are registered as independent than as Republicans since the time that data was tracked starting in 2004 (source: Ballot Access News). Now is the time to seize this opportunity. Now is the time for bold leadership. Now is the time for a New Day.

     That is why I endorse Randall C. Stufflebeam as the next Chairman of the Constitution Party. My name is Craig Marolf and I am the Chairman of the Constitution Party of Indiana and I have known Randy since 2007. His loyalty to the principles upon which our party stands is unquestionable. As an active Marine for 22 years, and in the subsequent years, he has and continues to fulfill his oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

     The future of our party rests on having a defined vision and clear, concise, and consistent communication. Randy has a plan to increase membership, participation, communication, and donations. He has demonstrated through his online broadcasting and online meetings that he is capable of bringing our party up to date on the technological front. We are several iterations of technology behind the two major parties. It is time for us to catch up. By stepping up communications, more people will be able to participate and our members will save time and money by decreasing the amount of miles that need to be travelled. Randy also wishes to eliminate the price of participating in national meetings and conventions. By supporting a New Day, pay for play will soon go away.

     Please join me in supporting Randall C. Stufflebeam as our next Chairman. The future awaits; the future is bright. It’s time for a New Day!


Craig Marolf
Constitution Party of Indiana