National/State Relationship


One of the main problems that exist within the Constitution Party is the relationship between the National Headquarters and the state organizations. One of the biggest complaints is that each of the state chairmen feels that they are all alone in their efforts to build the party. As a person who was a state chairman for over 5 years, I can identify and empathize with that feeling.


The word TEAM will become the norm.



Communications is the single most important tool that has been severally neglected within the Constitution Party.

Communications is such an important tool that as a Marine Anti-tank Assultman (0351), my primary mission was to blowup tanks, with a shoulder fired missile. However, if we were ever to see a vehicle (or a building) looking like a porcupine, thus indicating it was a communications center, our primary mission changed to destroy their communications capability. Not taking advantage of communications and not communicating with our fellow leaders and party members is as bad if not worse than the enemy trying to destroy it.

  • Once a month National Conference Call conducted by National Chairman

  • Once a month Regional Conference Call conducted by Regional Chairmen

  • Once a month State Conference Call conducted by State Chairmen


Information Sharing

(This is also covered under the Finance Committee)

No longer will we ever hear someone say, "I've been a member of the party for years" and no one from the state where they live have ever heard of this person.

But we need to create an environment where there is an incentive for both the national and the states to share information, and I believe that to revolve around the idea of dues sharing, where a certain percentage of every single membership is shared with the National, State and County central committees. This means that no matter where the membership is initiated, there is an incentive to share that membership information as well as the dues, because everyone knows that there will be reciprocity among all three entities. But again this means that all state central committees will have to become FEC compliant.


FEC Reporting

A note on all states becoming FEC compliant: Not only will this help in terms of sharing the dues, but this will also help with states being able to transfer money directly to the national party for things such as paying the registration fees and membership dues of the party members who will be attending. It will also allow National to transfer funds directly to the states for ballot access initiatives and other important financial issues.