American Sovereignty



I believe in State Sovereignty and I believe in the Sovereignty of the United States of America.  I stand firmly against any treaty or agreement which robs us of our sovereignty.

While I am an anti-globalist, I am not an isolationist.  However, I do consider myself a protectionist.  I believe in protecting our Ameircan labor and products.

For Illinois, what is the hardest hit industry effected by these globalist initiatives? I would have to say it is the farming industry.  Did you know that we have farmers who are buying up land in Central American to farm because they can not afford to farm here?  Do you know why???  It is because our government has given up their responsibility to regulate Trade and Tariffs to international entities.

I stand FIRMLY against the following all treaties and "agreements" that usurpt the sovereignty of our country.  I want to see resolutions and legislation passed that will protect our individual states and these United States of America from tyranny such as (but limited to the following):

  • GATT
  • U.N.
  • NATO