"Marriage protects children, men and women, and the common good. The health of marriage is particularly important in a free society, which depends upon citizens to govern their private lives and rear their children responsibly, so as to limit the scope, size, and power of the state."

-- The Witherspoon Institute


No matter what culture you want to point to down through the ages, the FAMILY has always been the most basic unit in society.  This is true regardless of the religion or lack there of.  No matter whether you believe in evolution or that a "Supreme Being" has His hand on the development of the human race.  One thing is undeniably true -- the Family is important to the success of that culture.  It has been shown throughout history, that where there is a breakdown of family and family values, the culture has been destroyed.

This country has lost its moral compass.  I remember a time when a man's word meant something.  It was as binding as any signed contact.  I remember a time when it was important for a man to make it on his own and he would NOT accept charity.  I remember a time when a man felt it was his responsibility to take care of his family.

It's hard for me to believe that I have come out of the "Pepsi Generation" that is also known as the "Baby Boomers."  It is during this generation that such sayings as "If it feels good do it" or "As long as it isn't hurting anyone, it's ok."  It is out of this "me, me, me, feel good" generation that there has been an astronomical rise in social problems such as gambling, pornography, infidelity, homosexuality, divorce, drug and alcohol abuse, teen-age pregnancies and AIDS.

How is it that during this generation we were smart enough to reach the moon, split the atom, clone living beings, and yet be so stupid as to not understand that these social problems are destroying our families, and in doing so, destroy our nation and society.

The family is the most important institute in the United States and needs to be protected against those who would destroy it.  It is within the family structure that children are nurtured into adulthood.  It has been shown time and time again, where there is a traditional family structure, the children have the best opportunity to become well-adjusted, good citizens.  Why, oh why, would we not want to save and protect the family structure that plays such a vital role in the survival of our nation?


I will fight the enemies of the family and will do all that I can to protect this important and vital institute of Illinois and the United States of America.