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Why Doesn’t the Constitution Party Endorse (help elect) Ron Paul for President?

RonPaul-2012Dr. Ron Paul is one of (if not singularly) the most constitutionally correct Congressmen elected to the United States House of Representatives in recent years. He has certainly been the one leading the charge to “End the Fed,” and oppose unconstitutional legislation that has been coming out of Washington (earning him the title of “Dr. NO).

Consequently, it is being asked over and over again, “Why doesn’t the Constitution Party do everything it can to get Congressman Paul elected to the presidency?” No doubt, Ron Paul is the kind of man that everyone within the Constitution Party could get behind (and has virtually done so in the past).

However, there are seven (7) specific points as to why the Constitution Party cannot help Dr. Ron Paul in his bid for the Presidency.



POINT ONE – It is impossible for the Constitution Party to NOMINATE Republican Candidate for President, Ron Paul

There are several reasons why it is impossible for the Constitution Party to help elect Ron Paul for President.

1) First and foremost, the reason why the Constitution Party cannot nominate Ron Paul for President of these United States of America is because Ron Paul has decided to run as a Republican. There is NO state in the union that allows a candidate’s name to be on an election ballot for more than one party.

2) Every state in the union has some sort of “sore loser” law that would prevent the Constitution Party from nominating Ron Paul after he lost the nomination in the Republican Primaries. To even suggest a write-in campaign for Ron Paul after he lost the nomination would be an absolute and complete waste of a vote, in that the vote WOULD NOT BE COUNTED.

There is only one scenario where the Constitution Party could nominate Dr. Paul for president and it is described in “Point Seven (7).”


POINT TWO – It is impossible for the Constitution Party to “Help Elect” Republican Candidate for President, Ron Paul

It has been suggested that the Constitution Party put “Principle over Politics” (the Constitution Party’s official motto) and help to get Ron Paul nominated and then elected as the Republican Candidate for President. There are several reasons why doing so is destructive.

1) Principle over Politics:

In order to discuss the issue of “Principle over Politics,” one must first define what principle they are talking about. To most people, “Principle over Politics” is the antithesis to “Party Politics.” On the one hand, I don’t entirely disagree with this, but on the other, principle over politics is far more than just suggesting that we should not be concerned with party boundaries when it comes to being able to support candidate of good moral and principled character. The following points three through six address additional principles that must be considered when talking about “Principles over Politics.”

2) The destructive nature of the Constitution Party officially endorsing Ron Paul for President:

Even if the Constitution Party went all out to endorse and totally became the Party of Ron Paul and dumped its entire treasury into Ron Paul’s Campaign and moved every single one of its voting members to support Ron Paul with all of their wealth (what little they have) and ALL of their time, forgoing ever other candidacy and focused 110% of our efforts to do nothing but elect Ron Paul, at the end of the day, those corrupt Republican Party leaders who are being controlled by globalist elitists would still reject Ron Paul and then there would be nothing left of the Constitution Party to provide an alternative candidate to the socialist garbage that the Republican Party would try to dump on us.

Audrey Queckboerner, State Chairperson of Indiana, has provided a personal testimony as to the corrupt and illegal means that kept Ron Paul from being nominated for President within the Republican Party in 2008. She was a Ron Paul delegate to the Republican State Convention and saw firsthand the overt corruption that kept his name from being nominate. Click here to read her testimony (in .pdf format).

"Most of us who have had an insider’s view of the Republican Party know that it has only gotten worse since 2008 and no amount of “grass roots” efforts will be enough to overcome the globalist conspiracy to destroy this nation."

-- Audrey Queckboerner

It would be a complete wasted sacrifice of the Constitution Party to invest one once of effort to get a Republican elected as president, even one as awesome as Ron Paul.

3) The destructive nature of individual Constitution Party members endorsing Ron Paul:

History has shown that every person who invests their efforts to elect Ron Paul as president is diverting their efforts from building the Constitution Party. In 2008, many (probably most) in the Constitution Party endorsed and supported Ron Paul with their time, talent, and treasure (money) thinking that they were putting principle over politics.

After dragging his campaign on and on, Ron Paul finally announced the end of his candidacy and out of spite of Libertarian Candidate for President, Bob Barr, endorsed the Constitution Party’s candidate for President, Chuck Baldwin. But it didn’t matter because everyone had spent all their money and time on Ron Paul and had nothing left for Chuck Baldwin.

Take Illinois for instance; they have to get 25,000 uncontestable signatures to get on the ballot.  They were promised money to help them get ballot access so that Chuck Baldwin’s name could appear on the ballot.  However, because of the support of Ron Paul, there was no money in the coffers to help them, and Ron Paul sure didn’t release any of the money that Constitution Party members donated to his campaign and he sure didn’t suggest that his supporters now spend all their time and money to get Baldwin on all state ballots.

4) Ron Paul is a Republican:

While there are those who would suggest that this doesn’t matter, it matters a great deal. Ron Paul is a Republican running as a Republican candidate. It was the corrupt Republican Party Leaders that kept him from being nominated and they are only getting better at it and are even now preparing how they will keep any true conservative out of the race.


POINT THREE – The need for an alternative when Republicans fail to nominate Ron Paul

Wouldn’t you agree that if Ron Paul doesn’t get the nomination that there should be a place for all those supporters to go?  What happens if the Republicans elect someone who is the antithesis to Ron Paul?  Where are those people to go?

If the Constitution Party spends all of its time and effort to elect Ron Paul and he doesn’t win, then what?  Just like in 2008, we’ll have nothing left to provide an alternative.  In terms of ship building, the Constitution Party wouldn’t even be able to provide a raft for people to jump on, because we will have failed to get ballot access in crucial states and lost ballot access in the states that we do already have ballot access because we didn’t provide a presidential candidate.

It would be just as devastating to simply wait to see if Ron Paul receives the nomination in 2012 because there are some states that don’t even hold their caucus until August.  By then, it would be too late and ludicrous to provide a 3rd Party candidate at that time.

In the eventuality that Ron Paul is not nominated by the Republican Party, it is imperative for the Constitution Party to be putting every single resource at our disposal to building a great vessel to receive all those who finally discover that corruption has once again reigned supreme in the Republican Party. Failing to do so, fails our nation and the American people.


POINT FOUR – Ballot Access and a Great Candidate of Our Own

One of the most important tasks of the Constitution Party is to get ballot access in every single one of the fifty states in the union. The Constitution Party has several states that do have ballot access and hold primaries. However, the party has many more that do not currently have ballot access. To support or endorse Ron Paul would mean not gaining ballot access and loosing ballot access where it already has it.

1) Those states working for ballot access:

Unlike the two major parties, 3rd parties have a far greater and in most cases daunting challenge of getting ballot access. Republicans and Democrats take this for granted because it is so easy for them to get on the ballot.

Take Illinois for instance. There is only one (1) statewide race and that is for the presidency. While the two major parties only have to get 5,000 signatures, third party and independent candidates have to deliver 25,000. In 2010, the Constitution Party delivered over 38,000 signatures and was still unable to achieve ballot access because of “Illinois corruption.”

There are others states that have to deliver far more signatures than Illinois. Indiana has to deliver over 34,000 and Oklahoma has to deliver over 75,000 signatures. There are even states requiring more than 100,000 signatures to gain ballot access.

If the Constitution Party decided to support Ron Paul and did not concentrate on getting signatures, NOW, for the Constitution Party, it would be absolutely impossible to do so later. Diverting any resource whatsoever to helping Ron Paul win his Republican nomination would mean the likelihood of not achieving ballot access in those states.

It is ludicrous to believe that a person supporting Ron Paul would be trying to get signatures for the Constitution Party’s candidate, all the while trumpeting support for Ron Paul.

2) States with ballot access:

There are several states where the Constitution Party is actually an established party, meaning they hold primaries. As mentioned before, it would be impossible for Ron Paul as a Republican to sign on as the Constitution Party’s Presidential candidate in any state and be elected in the party’s primaries. That means, if the Constitution Party truly endorsed and supported Ron Paul, the Constitution Party members would have to forgo Constitution Party primaries and vote in Republican Primaries. This means that state would then loose their ballot qualifications and have to start all over again trying to obtain ballot access again and as mention above, which would most likely require signatures that could be 100 times greater than either of the two major party candidates in the future.

3)  A Constitution Party Candidate:

Furthermore, and most importantly, it is our intention of running a candidate who is every bit as good as Ron Paul or even “constitutionally” better. While certainly, Ron Paul is VERY good constitutionalist, he espouses positions that are not in complete alignment with the Constitution Party’s Platform.


POINT FIVE – The Constitution Party is not a PAC

There is a huge difference between the mission of a PAC and the mission of a Political Party. The Constitution Party is a Partisan Political Party that NOMINATES (not endorses) candidates for election.

As a Political Party, endorsing candidates of another party would destroy the Constitution Party’s credibility. It would send a message that the Constitution Party does NOT have what it takes to find a Constitutional candidate of its own.


POINT SIX – Breaking the Two-Party-Duopoly

The Constitution Party believes it is time to break the two-party-duopoly.

1) Creation of the two-party-duopoly:

Richard Winger, of Ballot Access News, is the premier authority on ballot access issues for third party and independent candidates in the nation. In 1994, Richard wrote a piece entitled, “The Importance of Ballot Access.” In it, there is a discussion about the “two-party” political system that exists in America. There is a definition of what it is and what it is not.

According to the article, in the 19th century, there was what was called “Vigorous Third Parties.” However, since that time, the major two parties have passed laws that have squashed any competition:

“Furthermore, in the 19th century, there was no such thing as public financing of the two major parties, which began for Presidential elections in 1974. Today, the Democrats and Republicans have their campaigns for President financed by the taxpayers. Under the 1974 law, no third party has ever received general-election public funding, although a handful of third-party Presidential candidates have received some primary season funds.”

We no longer have vigorous and active third parties because Democratic and Republican state legislatures passed restrictive laws that make it exceedingly difficult for third parties to get on the ballot in many states. These laws usually require third parties to gather signatures for a petition to be on the state ballot, and they often place strict deadlines for gathering such signatures.”

2) Both major parties are responsible:

Republicans can talk all they want to about how bad the Democrat party is, but the fact of the matter is that both parties have had their turns at the wheel and we have seen the consistent destruction of Constitutional principles regardless of which one was at the helm.

While Ron Paul has certainly espoused the principles that most in the Constitution Party would agree with, the fact of the matter is, Ron Paul has remained within the Republican Party that is at least 50% responsible for the condition this country is in and the “Globalist Elites” are in control of both parties.

3) Now is the time!

Last year (2010) there was a Gallup poll that reflected that thirty-some percent of Democrats were willing to vote outside their party, while there was only twenty-some percent of Republicans were willing to do so.

This year, the Gallup poll is reflecting that 52% of the Republicans are saying that they are willing to vote for 3rd Party candidates and over 45% of the Republicans are saying that they are dissatisfied with their presidential choices that have raised their hands so far.

This means that the Constitution Party has a golden opportunity to snatch up these disenfranchised Republican Voters and give them a REAL CHANCE to vote for a true conservative in the 2012 elections. If Ron Paul really wants a chance to win the presidency, he would abandon the fantasy that he can do so through the Republican Party.


POINT SEVEN – There is only one possibility for the Constitution Party to be able to get Dr. Ron Paul elected for President

The only way for the Constitution Party to get behind and Nominate Dr. Paul for the office of President of these United States of America is for him to leave the Republican Party and to seek our nomination.

However, he has made it abundantly clear that he has no intention of running as a Constitution Party or a Libertarian Party candidate. So, instead of asking the Constitution Party to get behind Ron Paul, you should be asking Ron Paul to get behind the Constitution Party, the real answer to the political woes of this country.



Not on My Watch!!
Two Men that I Admire and Respect


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