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Randy's Politically INCorrect Blog

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Two Men that I Admire and Respect

roy-moore-smallron-paul-small(NOTE:  The message was written primarily to Constitution Party members)

There are two men that I admire and respect, Ron Paul and Roy Moore.  Ron Paul is probably the single most Constitutionally Correct elected official to our Federal Government.  And I credit Chief Justice Roy Moore with me becoming associated with the Constitution Party.

However, as long as they remain in the Republican Party they continue to perpetuate the two-party dictatorship and make our job as Constitutionists impossible to break this chain of enslavement and because of this, they will NEVER see one ounce of support; not one red cent; and certainly not my vote.

While I honestly do respect and admire them, they have made themselves my opponent.  The sooner that all their supporters come to the same conclusion and make it known to them, the sooner they might make wiser decisions than remain in one of the major parties that are responsible for the plight we find ourselves in here in these United States of America.

Sadly, they have allowed themselves to be used by the Republican Elites as bones to be cast before the Conservative population in order to keep giving them a glimmer of hope.  Just like the dealer at the table of cards will allow you to win the occasional hand to keep you sitting at the table long enough to bankrupt you, the Republican Party allows enough conservatives to win to keep anybody from really threatening the Ivory Tower that they have built around themselves called the federal government.

Constitutionalists!!  Do not allow yourselves to be duped into the system.  Do NOT think you can throw your support behind any Republican Presidential candidate, without the repercussions of seriously diminishing or even completely destroying our opportunity of providing an alternative to what the Republicans and Democrats are going to be throwing at us.

I can’t believe that there are any of you who have withdrawn from either of the two major parties, just to be sucked back in with some delusional hope of seeing a real Constitutionally Correct candidate be offered up by either of the two parties.

It didn’t work in 2008.  Supporting Ron Paul DESTROYED the Constitution Party efforts to put forth a Constitutional Candidate.  It left our financial resources in ruin and consequently we could not even afford to pay the salaries of our severely minimal staff at the national headquarters.  It set the Constitution Party efforts back by at least four years and most probably eight.

Let’s not be planning to make the same mistake.

At the risk of not just stepping on, but stomping on toes here.  Do us all a favor, if you are already planning to support Ron Paul or any other Republican candidate for president, just go back to the Republican Party.  We need people who understand that supporting a Republican candidate, no matter how wonderful and noble they are, just perpetuates the two-party-dictatorship, which I CAN NOT abide.  It is one of the major contributing factors to the condition that our country is in.

I am not trying to make any enemies here.  I am trying to get you to see the folly of your thinking.

Is there anyone here who seriously believes that if Ron Paul were elected president, we’d see a reformation of the Republican Party?  Oh sure, there’d be the illusion of it at first.  But rest assured, a wolf in sheep’s clothing can’t hide forever, and the Republican’s true nature would eventually show though.




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Sunday, 19 January 2020

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