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Randy's Politically INCorrect Blog

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Randy's Political Incorrect Blog

Welcome to my Political Incorrect Blog!


The reason for the emphasis on the "Political Incorrect" aspect of this blog is that this is the place where I will write about my political thoughts and machinations.  Be forewarned that this website is politically charged with partisanship.  If I am running for some political office, this will also be where you will find out about my campaign.

I do, however, have three other blogs that you might want to check out, one of which contains a journal that I kept while I was involved in a documentary regarding illegal immigration called "Borderland."

Truly, it would be a whole lot easier to maintain just one blog.  However, there are areas (especially in the arena of politics) where I have a very specific message to deliver and a mission to accomplish.

The problem with life is that you cannot neatly compartmentalize the various aspects of your life.  Most of the time there is a huge cross-sectional area that doesn't fit neatly into one compartment or the other.  For example, what if your job is a family business, or how do you separate your faith from either of those.  Therefore, what you will likely see across all the blogs is that there are things that creep (maybe invade would be a better word) into the others.  What you will see when you compare the various blogs is at the bottom of it all, "I am that I am, and that's all I'll ever be!"  In other words, like a diamond, when you read through all of these blogs you will see the many facets of me. Randy and I welcome your comments, inputs, views, and questions.


My Constitutionally Correct Blog:

If you would like to check out my thoughts specifically dealing with constitutionally related material and my Constitutionally Correct Blog, you can check it out at:


(You should find that this website tries to be "non-partisan" as the pure intent is to provide "REAL HISTORY" and information by providing a place to check out what who the founders where and what they really said.)


My Personal Blog:

This is the place where I will write about my personal thoughts on life, love and the universe.  If you would like to find out what my "personal opinions" are, you can check 'em out on my personal website at:



My Immigration Blog:

In October of 2013, I was 1 of 6 cast members on a documentary called "Borderland," that took a journey to explore the legal/illegal immigration issue.  This website contains a written and photo journal of the trip and the blog contains my view points and thoughts about the whole thing.



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