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Illinois Republicans & Democrats Enact the “Sore VOTER Law”

Knowing that Illinois voters are becoming increasingly disillusioned (sore) with the candidates that they are provided out of the primaries, the Illinois legislature is trying to stop the bleed. In doing so, they are trampling on the Illinois [legal] citizen’s right to representation.

So, now Illinois not only has a “sore-loser” law, they also have a “sore-voter” law.

Here’s the question: Does a legal citizen of Illinois not have the right to provide a candidate who represents their values, ESPECIALLY, when they have done all that they can do “from within” their preferred party??

BOTH the Illinois Republicans and Democrats (herein after known as the “two-party-duopoly”) say, “NO!!”

According to state legislation, if you “FILE” a statement of candidacy:

  • Regardless of the office; regardless if you make it on the ballot or not
  • Regardless if you are elected in the primary or not)

You can NOT run as a CANDIDATE FOR -ANY- OFFICE as an Independent, New Party, or Write-in candidate.

IT GETS EVEN MORE EGREGIOUS!!! If you cast a vote on a primary ballot (regardless if all you did was cast one single vote on the ballot, say for a local candidate, such as a township commissioner), you can NOT run as a candidate as an Independent, New Party, or Write-in, FOR ANY OFFICE. According to the legislation, the only exception is that you can run for office within the two-party-duopoly if there is a vacancy.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

A person

  1. who filed a statement of candidacy for a partisan office as a qualified primary voter of an established political party or
  2. who voted the ballot of an established political party at a general primary election may not file a statement of candidacy as a candidate of a different established political party or as an independent candidate for a partisan office to be filled at the general election immediately following the general primary for which the person filed the statement or voted the ballot.

A person may file a statement of candidacy for a partisan office as a qualified primary voter of an established political party regardless of any prior filing of candidacy for a partisan office or voting the ballot of an established political party at any prior election.


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Now, what I find REALLY interesting is that apparently, if you filed or voted as a Democrat, you could still fill the vacancy as a Republican (or vice-versa), no worries.

(NOTE:  Let me say right here that this particular new law has never affected me, as I have never voted in the primaries since the day I became a Constitutionalist, but I know there are many who have tried to “Help the Republican Party” elect real conservatives in the primaries.)


End-The-DuopolyEver since the General Election of 2006, the year I became intimately familiar with and involved in Illinois politics, the two-party-duopoly has been devising ways to shut out any threats to their reign of terror.

On the historic date of November 7, 2006, I broke the record of write-in votes by receiving nearly 20,000 officially recorded votes as a write-in candidate (the previous record was established by Ralph Nader in 2004 with a little over 3,500 votes). MORE IMPORTANTLY, Rich Whitney, Illinois Gubernatorial Candidate for the Green Party, received over 13% of the vote, making the Green Party an “established” party here in Illinois.

Since that fateful election, the two-party-duopoly has been passing knee-jerk legislation to try to prevent threats to their control over elections from ever happening again. Because the Green Party achieved “Established Party” status, the two-party-duopoly has been passing a whole host of legislation that has been “enacted on behalf of the citizens” and every single one of them tramples an Illinois citizen’s right to representation.

In a more recent (March 30, 2012) piece of legislation, the two-party-duopoly says that after you (a legally registered voter in the state of Illinois) have tried to do what is right through the two-party-system; you do NOT have the right to run as a candidate for [ANY] office either find a candidate or run as a candidate yourself if either of you filed as a candidate, regardless of office (regardless if you remained on the ballot) or by either running as a candidate for [ANY] office or having voted for [ANY] candidate in the primary elections.

In the past, if you ran for a particular office in the primary election and lost, you could NOT run for that same office in the subsequent [General] election as an Independent, New (3rd) Party or Write-in. Example: If you ran for governor in the primaries, you could NOT run as an Independent, New Party, or Write-in candidate for governor. HOWEVER, you could run for Lt. Governor (or any other office) as an Independent, New Party, or Write-in candidate.

This means that conscientious voters in Illinois, who have tried to do the right thing by voting in the primaries, who subsequently find they have been screwed by their own party, are now virtually prohibited from finding a candidate who CAN/WILL REPRESENT THEIR VALUES.

As you can see, citizens of the state of Illinois are prohibited from running for office in the General Election, if they cast so much as one vote in primary, regardless of who or what it is for.

Obviously, the two-party-duopoly recognizes and understands that there is a tremendously LESS likelihood of finding a person willing to run as an Independent, New Party, or Write-in candidate who didn’t already vote in the primaries - THIS IS THE STRATEGY.

The two-party-duopoly knows that we frequently build momentum in our “third party” efforts by feeding off the anger of those who voted in the primaries and end up finding they got the short end of the stick once again. They also know that anger is short-lived and that people quickly forget how angry they were. Need a for-instance? Let’s take a look at 9/11. Tell me the anger-fires haven’t diminished from that event. The two-party-duopoly knows how this works and they are constantly and consistently “enacting” legislation that further erodes our Constitutional rights to “free and equal” elections.



Here are two interesting principles that can be found in the Illinois State Constitution:

  1. “All elections shall be free and equal.” (Article III, Section 3)
  2. “Laws governing voter registration and conduct of elections shall be general and uniform.” (Article III, Section 4)


Something just seems to be amiss here.

  • First; elections are anything but free. Elections are big money.
  • Second; they are definitely not equal, or maybe it’s just that some are more equal than others.
  • Third; they are not very general, they are actually VERY SPECIFIC (and you’d better know the specificity or you won’t last). The Illinois Election Code is several hundred pages long if you care to take a look.
  • Forth; the elections are not very uniform. There is a huge disparity between “major” parties and “minor” parties.

Prior to March 30th, 2012, you had still had some options if your party screwed you. Actually, you still do, but the window of opportunity just got closer to being completely shut.


The bottom line is that all of this is an attempt (successfully so, I might add) to eliminate fair and equal competition in the political arena. COMPETITON is what the two-party-duopoly is afraid of and what they are working to eliminate. And while they are working feverishly to keep us off the ballot in every way conceivable guess who the real loser is. That’s right, because they are so successful at eliminating competition, the real loser isTHE ILLINOIS VOTER





NOTE 1: There are only two (2) types of parties recognized in the state of Illinois: “Established” or “New.”

There is no such thing as a “Third” Party. If you are what most people call “a third party” in the state of Illinois, you are a “New” party that is looking to become an “Established” party. However, even that last clarification is not entirely accurate as the Green Party, is actually “established” in several different districts throughout the state and most people would still categorize them as a “third party.”


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