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Have You Had Enough?? - Part 2 (2012)

(NOTE:  This message was written in 2012,  Notice any difference?  Yeah...  Me either)



Dear Friends, Family, and Fellow Constitutionalists;


Had Enough 2As you all know, I just wrote a piece two days ago asking, “Have you had enough, yet?” Quite honestly, I thought I had more than enough evidence to make my case in asking you that question. Then I started thinking, “What if??” What if by some miracle there might actually be enough conservatives to prove me wrong?  Then I thought, maybe, just maybe I should have waited till after the Illinois Republican Party convention to make such a bold argument and ask the question, “Have you had enough yet?”

Then today, I get an email with “Illinois Railroad at the IL GOP Convention June 9 2012” in the subject line, and that contained a link to a video clip of the “vote” for delegates to the Republican National Convention, which totally destroyed any second thoughts that I had and completely vindicated my question.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwqESIkuBlo (Pay attention to minutes 1:00 through 3:12)


Now, let’s first talk about the names that were on the list to be “At-Large-Delegates” to the National Convention (I couldn’t catch them all from the video, but among them are): Tom Cross; Ron Gidwidzt; Denny Hastert; former governors, Jim Edgar and Jim Thompson; and last but not least (or maybe so, depending on your political view), Judy Barr Topinka. Just one question, “In whose world (or universe), do these names even come remotely close to representing even a spark of conservatism?” But of course, that’s the reason behind the corrupt way the whole Republican convention was dealt with from start to finish.

For those you who attended any of the Republican conventions in 2008 will immediately recognize the strategy, and will be able to fully identify with the phrase, “Railroad” in the subject line of the email that I received.

If you want to see what Republicans themselves are saying about the whole circus that was called a convention, check out the following three links.


The first one comes from Doug Ibendal, who was the Republican General Council at one time.  Here’s a snippet of what he had to say:

“November is likely to be a good election for Republicans nationally. But in Illinois the GOP is headed for disaster. You can’t tell Republicans they are too stupid to vote and then expect Republicans to turn around and get excited in those cases where you were able to rig a convention to defeat democracy.”



The second one comes from William Kelly, a Republican Political activist who has run for political office from within the Republican Party. Here’s a snippet of what he had to say:

“This weekend’s Illinois Republican Convention was anything but red, white, and blue. Sadly, there were no surprises at the Illinois GOP Convention; it was exactly as I expected it to be: political hypocrisy dressed up with signs and a few balloons.

No democracy in sight.”



The third comes from an “On Air Radio Personality / Talk Show Host,” Greg Bishop. I’ve actually been on Greg’s Show and he has held a “Non-interventionist Rally” in Springfield some years back. Well, he apparently had his name in the running for delegate. Check out what he had to say.



Now remember, folks, this is on top of what I wrote about what happened on Friday during the committee meetings.  How much more evidence do you need to be punched in the gut (or slapped upside the head) with before you realize “THERE IS NO REFORMING THE REPUBLICAN PARTY FROM WITHIN!!” 

I would dare say that there were far more conservatives that were present there and still their voices were squashed.

Since the last message, I’ve had several people say, “Randy, wait till after the elections to start your crusade,” etc. & etc.


I’ve been on this crusade for 8 years now, and I have been hearing the same old rhetoric over and over. Isn’t it time to stop the insanity?

WHEN WILL YOU HAVE HAD ENOUGH?? When we’ve completely lost our country and there is no hope for change?

Join me now in the Constitution Party and help me to build an organization that can stand against the two-party-duopoly.


Yes, I know it is tough (I’ve been doing this for 8 years now).  But at least it is only tough. Trying to reform the Republican (or the Democrat) Party from within is IMPOSSIBLE, because of the level of corruption.  Watch the video again and tell me different.


IF YOU HAVE FINALLY HAD ENOUGH, contact me and I’ll tell you how you can get involved to actually start taking a bite out of the corruption that we face in this state and in the country that we love.


Yours in Liberty

Randall C. Stufflebeam


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