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Have You Had Enough?? - Part 1 (2012)

Dear Friends, Family, and Fellow Constitutionalists;


Had Enough 3I know the messages have been sporadic at best and I apologize for that.  To say that I have been busy for the past several months (actually years) would actually be an understatement.  So, first of all, I’d like to catch you all up as to what is/has been happening lately.  As some of you know, recently, I ran for Chairman of the Constitution Party.  I was not elected as chairman, but I WAS ELECTED AS VICE-CHAIRMAN OF THE NATIONAL CONSTITUTION PARTY.  I am honored to be working with awesome patriots and constitutionalists.  Frank Fluckiger of Utah was elected as Chairman, Cindy Redburn of Missouri was elected as Secretary and Jim Headings of Tennessee was elected as Treasurer.

Secondly, I would like to thank you for all your support over the past several years as I ran for Governor and U.S. Senate as a constitutionalist.  The support of such fine patriots as you has meant the world to me.

This year we do not have a governor or senate race, but my work is not done.  The reason I ran was to bring true conservative leadership to Illinois. That goal still eludes me, but the pursuit is nonetheless worthy and probably even more so, given recent events.  My focus has always been to develop a strong and vibrant constitutional party, a place where true conservatives can find a home when they realize that their party has left them no other place to turn to.

You have heard me ask this before, but I ask it again:


Seriously, are you getting sick and tired of being sick and tired??

In the weeks leading up to the state GOP convention dozens of conservatives elected as precinct committeeman were rejected delegate status because of their conservative convictions. Today (Friday, June 8), we learned that the keystone principal of reformers in Illinois, direct election of party leadership, was killed in committee 7 to 11.  What’s worse is that County Chairmen can cast the vote of any precinct not filled and believe me, many, many precincts ARE NOT FILLED, because there is no incentive to fill them since the chairman gets the power of casting to vote for any precinct not filled.

While there’s a controversy over who said it, Franklin or Einstein, the point is pertinent nevertheless: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, yet expecting different results.

Folks, for the life of me, I can NOT conceive of one single reason for staying in the Republican Party for one second more, ESPECIALLY HERE IN ILLINOIS!  And don’t give me this whole “reform the Republican Party from within" BS.  You’ve been talking about this for the entire 8 years that I’ve been involved with the Constitution Party, including top conservative leaders here in Illinois; to include millionaires (whose name I will not mention here) who have run for several offices AND FAILED.

Seriously, STOP THE INSANITY!  Why keep bashing your head against the same ole brick wall.  Aren’t you tired of the brain bleed?  Not only that, but while you are wasting your time “reforming the Republican Party, our country keeps getting shoved further and further down the toilet.

I guess that instead of complaining, I should actually be thanking the Republican Party for literally driving people out of their party and forcing them to look for a new home.  People are starting to realize in a HUGE way, that fighting the system from the outside is the only way left if we are going to save our state and our nation.  In fact, for you Ron Paul supporters, how do you feel now, with the end of his campaign and the Mitt Romney endorsement??  Don’t you even feel the remotest bit betrayed?  I do, and I wasn’t even that strong of a supporter, due to having my own presidential candidate to support, Virgil Goode.

Let me tell you, over the past few months the Constitution party of Illinois has seen tremendous growth. Conservatives are starting to wake up and have finally had enough of the abuse from Republican establishment. In fact, recently, we have seen folks from some of the major conservative groups such as tea parties and 9/12 groups seek us out wondering if we have any candidates that they can get behind and support, because the two major parties have become a waste land for conservatives.  Still, so many more have voiced their unhappiness with the Republican Party, but have not made the final transition. As I talked to these disenfranchised conservatives they all tell me the same thing, they will join the Constitution party if we can win.

What will it take for the Constitution Party to win?  It will take people to stop saying, “If…”, and join us to make sure that we do.  We have an opportunity like never before (at least no in 50 years) to actually start taking our country back from the corrupt hands that have usurped Constitutional authority.  It will take people of good conscience and character to step up and say, “I WILL BE COUNTED!’  As the party grows, even more people will join in our crusade.

One of the best recruitment tools we have are our dozen candidates running for House and Senate.  Regular conservatives see these people out walking door to door and it gives them hope.

As of now over a dozen counties in the state of Illinois are holding monthly meetings of the Constitution party. We will continue to grow that number to 102, as we get more active more people will join.

Let me ask again, “HAVE YOU HAD ENOUGH?”

Then join me in the Constitution Party!  You know who I am.  You know what I stand for.  I’m asking you to stand shoulder to shoulder with me and look the two-party-system in the eye and say, “WE'VE HAD ENOUGH!!”  While I know it is going to be a tough journey, we can make it together.  We must; not only for our nation and for our troops, but for our children and our grandchildren.

I know there are some of you who are not quite ready to make the decision to out and out join the Constitution Party, however, there are a few things that you can do to help and it won’t cost you a thing. First, join our Constitution Party e-mail list, and get updated on what is happening within the party.  You can also “Like” our Facebook Page, “Follow us” on Twitter.

For those of you who are ready to step across the line that the two-party-system has drawn, you can officially Join the party, and/or attend a local meeting.  You can also contact me if you are interested in being at least a POC (or better yet, chairman) for your county or even be a candidate.

If you truly have had enough and want to see corruption finally end here in Illinois and across this nation, then help me provide a true conservative choice by establishing a constant and consistent stream of constitutionally correct conservatives.  Only when there is competition in the political arena like there is in the product/service (free market) arena, will we ever begin to see an incentive to change and restore the values and principles that were established by our founding fathers.



Yours in Liberty

Randall C. Stufflebeam


Have You Had Enough?? - Part 2 (2012)


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Monday, 16 December 2019

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