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Bipolar Disorder

Here's the deal in 7 parts:



Before I even get into the Bi-Polar issue, the first thing you need to understand is that you REALLY don't know who really controls the Republican and Democrat parties.

If there really are that many conservatives in the Republican Party (especially here in Illinois), how is it that you consistently elect people like Topinka and Rauner? Do you REALLY think it is the voters of Illinois?? If the Republican Party really is made up of a majority of conservatives, then why, pray tell, is it so hard for you to elect an actual conservative, first within your own party through the primaries and secondly in a General Election (Hold your “RINO” diatribe, I’ll address that below)?

To be honest (and I always try to be), I do believe that those who hold to "conservative" values (even here in Illinois) actually outnumber those who hold to "Liberal/Progressive" values.  The problem is that most have realized that their conservative voice has been squashed by those who are actually in control of the two-party-duopoly ( and yes, this includes the Republican Party).

The façade that you win any conservative seats is like the façade of winning at the Black Jack table where the dealer is the one in control of who wins and who doesn't.  How many times have you seen a scene in a movie where there is a person winning against the dealer and the dealer is replaced?  This is very close to reality.  How does a Black Jack dealer keep you sitting at his table?  He has to let you win a few hands.  That way, you believe you actually have a chance to win.  And occasionally, the Black Jack dealer will let you walk away from his table "A WINNER."  That way, he knows you will be back and then he has you hooked.  You will keep coming back and he will keep letting you win until the next thing you know, YOU ARE BANKRUPT.  This is exactly what is happening within the two-party-duopoly.  The casino owners have the dealers letting you win and keeping you at the table.  All the while THEY ARE THE ONES MAKING THE MONEY.  One only has to look at the past 20 years and look at the continued decline of this country regardless which party is in power, to realize the truth of what I write here.

Ever since the three horrible things that happened in 1913, when tyranny got its foothold here in America, the globalist bankers have been in control and interestingly they have been following the communist manifesto to a "T."  In 1958, former FBI agent, Cleon Skousen exposed 44 Communist Goals in which Goal #15 is:  "Capture one or both of the political parties in the United State."  Who here will deny that they have not already accomplished that goal??



Then, after you have failed to elect a real conservative, then you start throwing out phrases like, “We will hold their feet to the fire.” Really?? REALLY??  You can't even get enough real conservative out to put a little check mark on a piece of paper (or however they mark their ballot).

This one is almost humorous. You can’t get a conservative elected, YET… you somehow think that now you are going to hold a person (who defeated you and you did not elect) to the fire. You’re either delusional or a comic.

I’ll never forget the 2nd Amendment people talking about this in 2006, when Judy Barr-Topinka was elected as the Illinois Republican’s choice for governor and they were saying the same thing, “We’ll hold her feet to the fire on gun issues.” You couldn’t even get your guy elected, and you are going to hold a person’s feet to the fire who beat you?? REALLY??

And what does “holding a politicians feet to the fire” even mean??? How are you going to do that?? You couldn’t even get enough voters out to defeat them at the polls, now you think you’re going to get enough people together to hold the politician’s feet to the fire?? REALLY??

Genius, I tell you!! Simply Genius!!

THE ONLY WAY to hold a politician's feet to the fire is to either not elect them in the first place, or UNELECT them next time around.

(But they know, for the most part, you will simply re-elect them and so, why should they listen to you? You've shown this to be true time and time and time again.)


b2ap3_thumbnail_Bipolar-Disorder.jpgPart 3 – REPUBLICANS HAVE A BIPOLAR DISORDER OVER RINO ISSUE

Now for the whole RINO (Republicans In Name Only) thing. Every single one of you who want to blame “The RINO” for your Republican ills and want them to leave; yet say that the RINO must be a Republican (especially those who find themselves on the right of the "Republican," if they want to win have a Bipolar Disorder and need medication – every single one of you.

On the one hand...

You say that there are ONLY two parties that can win and that one has to join one of them if they “want to win!” ONLY TWO PARTIES - as if there are only two political ideologies in America; only two political principles; only two political values and that everyone who has an ideology or principle or value, outside that paradigm, be damned.

Our founding fathers set up a system of REPRESENTATION.  Are you seriously going to try to convince me that ONLY TWO parties can somehow provide that?

Maybe the Republican Platform, its current principles and values actually represent your political ideology, principles and values. That's fine, but let me tell you, "THEY DO NOT REPRESENT MINE AND NEITHER DOES THE DEMOCRAT PARTY." The platform that most closely represents by political views, principles and values is that of the Constitution Party.  Paraphrasing Steve Martin in "The Jerk" - RINO??  I'M A RINO!!  (or at least, I would be if I were still in the Republican Party)

So now that I’ve “come back to the Republican Party – SO I CAN WIN (which is quite arguable, since the Republican Party has demonstrated that it doesn’t want someone with my political ideology, principles or values), you are now going to call me a RINO and tell me that I should join the Democrat Party, or the Libertarian Party and leave the Republican Party.

On the other hand...

Then once I have left the Republican Party because you don’t want a RINO like me, you are going to start telling me again thatI cannot win and that I will be splitting the vote and tell me that if I want to win that I should come back to the Republican Party where it’s the only place I can win.

You create the circumstances whereby RINOS have one of two options:

  1. Join the Republican Party where they are not wanted, but told it is the only place they can run for office AND WIN (which is obvious, they are winning).
  2. Create their own party and then be told they are going to split the vote or that they don’t have a chance to win.

Your bipolar disorder is creating a psychotic monster!  Seriously, go see a psychiatrist and get medicated to fix your bipolar state of mind.

Either decide that you are going to embrace the RINO because the Republican Party is the only place they can win (AND OF COURSE YOU LOVE WINNERS) - or – stop fighting the ability for the RINOs to have their own party and letting them leave on their own accord.

Until then…. SHUT UP ABOUT “RINOS.”

NOTE: For those of you who have actually been diagnosed with this terrible affliction, I absolutely mean no disrespect. I have a VERY good friend that has this problem. When he’s on his meds, there is no finer individual that I want to have fighting by my side and I love him dearly. But I have also seen him when he is not on his meds and he becomes a danger to himself and to those he loves.



Don’t be afraid of competition. REAL COMPETITION IS ALWAYS A GOOD THING!! If you want to get rid of your RINOS (regardless of whether they are to the left of you or to the extreme right), then stop telling me(us) I(we) have to join you to win. Help us get our own ballot access and believe me, THE RINOS WILL LEAVE!! You don’t want Libertarians in the Republican Party?? Help them to get their own ballot access. Don’t want the socialists in the Republican Party? Help them to get their own ballot access. Don’t want Constitutionalists in your party? Help the Constitution Party to get its own ballot access.



I’ve got to tell you, this whole thing reminds me of the scene in Monty Python’s “The Holy Grail,” where King Arthur has come upon the Black Knight and asks the Black Knight to join him. Having been refused, Arthur decides to move on; at which point the Black Knight says, “None shall pass.” Then a battle ensues between the two:

  • Arthur slices off the knight’s left arm and the knight says, “’Tis but a scratch. I’ve had worse.”
  • Arthur slices off the knight’s right arm and the Black Knight says, “Had enough, aye? It’s just a flesh wound.”
  • Arthur slices off the knight’s left leg and the knight says, “I’ll do you for that. I’m invincible!”
  • Arthur slices off the knight’s right leg and as Arthur is moving on around the Black Knight, who is legless and armless, the knight’s final taunt comes, “Oh, I see. Running away. You yellow bastards; come back here and take what’s coming to you!”




In 2014, the state of Illinois (and a big part of the nation) suffered a record low in voter turnout in the primaries and regardless of the excuses that you can come up with the bottom line is that the average voters across this nation have given up hope that their voice will be heard. The Republican Party is shutting out “social conservatives” more and more every day, and for those of us who believe that social issues are a major problem as to why this country is declining, we are being told to shut up and that only fiscal issues are important. TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM people are being told.

Well let me tell you, the demonstrable positions of both the Democrat and Republican parties are deplorable to me. “Taking one for the team” is NOT AN OPTION. Too many people are taking one for the team and it is only allowing this country to sink further and further into the abyss.



I will end with this. As for “splitting the vote;” YOU KEEP YOUR REPUBLICAN VOTES (if you can), WE DON’T NEED THEM!!

At the height of voting in a General Election, it has been shown that only about 60% of the eligible voters will be coming out to vote. If the primary elections (and the lack of enthusiasm for ANY of the candidates from either of the major parties) are any indication of the voter turnout this November, it will be a dismal showing at best. In fact, historically, it has been shown that only about 40% of the eligible voters will come out to vote in an interim election. Then divide that 40% in roughly half between then Democrats and the Republicans and that means probably less than 20% of the voters coming out to the general election will be “conservatives” and of those that do come out to vote, most of those will only be coming out to vote AGAINST a candidate, NOT really FOR a candidate.

Regardless of how you slice those percentages us, the bottom lines is that (likely) 60% of the eligible voters will NOT be coming out to the polls to vote come this November.

While you are all worried about third parties splitting your measly little 20%, we are going after the 60% of voters who have given up hope that their voice counts for anything anymore (in either major party). YOU KEEP YOUR VOTES!!  In fact, if you still believe the Republican and Democrat parties are the answer to America’s political woes, I don’t want cha.

I’m going after those who have given up hope in the two-party-system and am trying to open their eyes that if we have any hope of restoring freedom and liberty in this country, it’s through a multi-party-system where competition rules the day; where everyone’s political ideology, principles, and values have an opportunity to be heard and represented. This is the America of the founding fathers and I have every intention of providing that restoration. I’m just looking for a few good men and women with the courage to stand apart and join me in the fight for the heart and soul of the country we love.


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