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Randy's Politically INCorrect Blog

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An Open Letter to Conservatives - Updated

Not-Dumb-EnoughMy name is Randy Stufflebeam.  I am a retired Marine, with over 22 years of honorable active duty service to my country.  I am the only husband to the only wife in a marriage of over 36 years.  I am father to three and grandfather to four.  I was the National Vice-Chairman of the Constitution Party (2012-2016).  I am the Constitution Party Chairman of the Midwestern United States Region and the Chairman of the Constitution Party of Illinois.  Most importantly [for the purpose of this letter], I am a Constitutionist.

Most would consider my political views to be “conservative” and many in our day of national (im)morality, would consider my views to be extreme.  However, I believe my views to be in align with those of our founding fathers and central to the  framing of the Constitution of these United States of America, which gave rise to our country becoming the greatest nation to have ever existed on the face of this planet.

In November, 2014, the Republicans captured the majority of both the House and the Senate.  Many are celebrating this as a victory.  I’ve learned over the years to NOT HOLD MY BREATH.

I watched closely after the elections in 2010 to those people who were considered “Tea Party Candidates.”  Without exception (I can take you down each and every one of them), ALL of them have caved in to voting for some unconstitutional legislation or another.

Over the past 16 years specifically (and the past 40-50 years generally), Liberty in this nation has been in a tailspin with a certainty of crashing soon (just how soon, I don’t know) and it has not mattered one iota the mixture of Democrats and Republicans --> whether or not there was a majority in either the House of Representatives or the Senate, or both; and whether or not that majority enjoyed a president from the same party or not.

It’s hard to debate whether more liberty was lost while the Republicans enjoyed a majority in both houses of Congress and had a Republican President or while the Democrats enjoyed a majority in both houses of Congress and had a Democrat President – or which  one violated more constitutional principles. Certainly, you would be hard pressed to provide any evidence that liberty was gained.



The Republican Party is no longer the party of liberty and conservatism, so DO NOT waste my time, or yours, with your mantras of “A Third Party can’t win”, or “You’ll split the vote”, or "A vote for 'X Candidate' is a vote for 'Y Candidate'", etc., etc:

Number 1:  Splitting the vote of one liberal candidate against another is of no concern of mine.  The “lesser of two evils” argument has only garnered more evil for this country in lost liberty regardless of which party has had a majority and to what extent.

Number 2:  It is time for the antiquated two-party-system to be replaced by a multi-party-system that provides for more choice and REAL COMPETITION in the political arena; where more political ideologies are infused in our governments than those provided by the current system; which consequently (or subsequently) would provide a much more realistic system of representation for WE THE PEOPLE.

Number 3:  (Most Importantly)  People are tired of having to always vote “against a candidate,” as demonstrated by the record low voter turnout in the 2014 Illinois Primaries and that [nationally] the 2014 General Elections may be the lowest turnout since WWII.  People are far more motivated to vote FOR A CANDIATE, than having to vote against another one.  Interestingly and RARELY (if ever), does voting against a candidate produce a better representative for the people.



Conservatives, you DO NOT HAVE TO BE ENSLAVED to a party that no longer represents your values and especially, your morals.  One of the prevelent themes that I hear Republican leaders push, is that Republicans need to only focus on fiscal conservatism and quit focusing on that divsive social conservatism.  I believe that people are looking for a place where they can embrace the full spectrum of conservatism.



Yes, I know the party is small, compared to the two major parties.  Yes, I know that we face what seems to be insurmountable odds.

Fortunately, we have several precedents that have been set before us.  Consider that less than 10% of Americans defeated a far more superior tyrannical government in 1783.  Consider that the Republican Party had only been in existence for about 4 years prior to Abraham Lincoln becoming the first Republican President.

Further consider that less than 40% of eligible voters came out to vote in the past election.  That means there are more than 60% of the voters who are looking for something else.  (NOTE: I don’t believe it is because of voter "apathy," but voter "hopelessness." They have given up on the two party system representing them.)



Let me ask you, "Over the past several years, have you noticed just how many races have been unopposed??  On my local ballot alone there were 4 races that were unopposed.  One of those races was the Sherrif's race and one was the State Senate.  This is entirely unacceptable!



Here in Illinois, we have a vision of organizing 51 of the 102 counties, and we are well on our way.   There are two primary objectives to county organization:  1) Recruit and Elect local candidates, and 2) Assist the state in gaining ballot access for the entire state.


Will you become a part of the rising tide that takes a stand against a government(s) that is overstepping its boundaries?

If so, contact me, Randy Stufflebeam at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




Yours in Liberty
Randy Stufflebeam



This letter was originally written in 2014.  However, virtually nothing has changed (other than it is 2 years later) and this letter is more apropos more than ever.


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Monday, 16 December 2019

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