As a retired Marine, Mr. Stufflebeam draws upon his reverence for his oath, “to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic,” as his inspiration to work to restore our founding principles. Ever since discovering the Constitution Party in 2004, he has devoted himself to its mission, being elected to Chairman of the Midwestern United States Region in 2006, serving on the board of the Veteran's Coalition (an extension of the party focused on outreach to veterans), and receiving over 19,000 votes in 2006 for Governor of Illinois, a shockingly high record number for a state level write-in candidate. His proven courage and dedication is indispensable in the fight to restore our Constitution

~ Christina Tobin

Founder and Chair of The Free and Equal Elections Foundation.
Free & Equal is the organization that sponsored the 2008 Presidential debates which included Chuck Baldwin and Darrell Castle. Christina was the moderator.