In 2006, then living in the western burbs of Chicago, I voted for Randy as a write-in candidate for Governor of Illinois.  In 2008, I had my fill with two-party politics, particularly with the Party that was supposed to represent our heritage of a Constitutional and Republican “form” of governing.

By 2009, Randy and I had communicated via email several times.  Randy had impressed me with his commitment to reduce run-a-way government and his compassion and restless enthusiasm for restoring our cherished Constitution.  The email that got me off dead center was the one where he said “Have you had enough yet?”  The rest is history.  I immediately became active in the Constitution Party of Illinois on a regional basis and was the State Party Chairman at the time I relocated to Texas in November 2010.   Randy’s guidance and encouragement throughout the whole CPIL leadership experience was indispensable.

The United States Constitution is arguably the best governing document known to man since Moses took dictation from God.  When you combine the two – it just doesn’t get any better than that.  The Constitution Party is the Party that best upholds the principles of the United States Constitution.  I can think of no one more qualified with knowledge and determination to Champion the tenants of the Constitution Party than Randall C. Stufflebeam.

~ Ken Herringshaw

Chairman (2010), Constitution Party of Illinois