I think that my husband would be great as the chairman for the Constitution Party.  This has been his heart’s desire for over 4 years now.  Randy is passionate about our country and the Constitution Party.

Randy’s heart and soul is in trying to save our country by restoring the Constitution and it is his belief that the Constitution Party is the vehicle to do that.  Randy & I both know that his is where God wants him and with God’s help, Randy can lead the Constitution Party in growing into a viable organization that can save our country by getting good Christian men and women elected to every level of government throughout our nation.

If Randy is elected as chairman, I know that he will do everything he can to help everyone in the party succeed in their states.  I know that Randy prays for all our states and the people helping to get the Constitution Party growing.   Randy spends many, many hours on the phone helping everyone he can all across this nation.  He really wants to see all states in this party succeed, knowing that without them, national will never succeed.

Please elect my husband, Randy Stufflebeam, as our next chairman of the Constitution Party.  I believe that God has prepared him for such a time as this.

~ Lisa Stufflebeam