Statement on the Department of Corrections

July 2006



The following are the official positions of the Stufflebeam for Governor Campaign.

The privatization of the Department of Corrections: “Not an option!”  The Illinois Department of Corrections is to Law Enforcement as the Illinois National Guard is to the U.S. Military.  To privatize either would be absurd.  Therefore, as Governor of Illinois I will oppose any attempt to privatize the Department of Corrections.

As Governor of Illinois, I will work to see that the Department of Corrections begins to transition to a system of self sufficiency.  This means that the funding and support for the incarceration of criminals should be coming from the incarcerated instead of law abiding citizens.  Those found guilty of crimes are incarcerated to pay for their crimes, yet it is the law abiding Illinois citizen who is paying with their honest and hard earned money to support the incarcerated through taxation only to have a large percent of the criminals who are released return to the very crimes they were incarcerated for in the first place.  It is the law abiding Illinois citizen who then becomes the double looser and the criminal who has been paid for his crimes.  It is time that criminals truly pay for their crimes and stop being a burden to society and honest tax paying Illinois citizens.  This would further include that a system of restitution for crimes committed in the state of Illinois be instituted.

Also, as Governor of Illinois, I will encourage those on the front line to help make their departments run smoother and more efficiently, not only in the Department of Corrections, but in every department in the state of Illinois.  The federal government has a system of rewarding those that submit ideas that have the ability to save their particular department time and money.  I will be encouraging the state of Illinois to also implement such policy that will provide incentives for both Administration and the Front Line People to work together to come up with solutions that will enhance their individual departments as well as save taxpayers money.

As Governor of Illinois, I will work to ensure that “H.R. 218 (The Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act of 2004) applies to all Illinois law enforcement agencies and officers, to include the Department of Corrections.

Additionally, I believe that the Illinois State Constitution is in direct violation of the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution. As Governor of Illinois, I will work to have a constitutional amendment passed to remove the words “Subject only to the police power” from Article 1 (the Bill of Rights), Section 22 (the right to keep and bear arms) of the Illinois State Constitution.

I am a strong supporter of “the right to carry.”  Since law enforcement agencies and officers can not be everywhere at the same time and most of the time can only respond AFTER a crime has been committed, as U.S. Senate of Illinois, I will support “concealed carry” or any other legislation that will provide enhanced ability of Illinois citizens to defend themselves, their families and their property.

May God bless Illinois and each of its citizens!  Together we can take Illinois back to once again become Safe, Strong, and Proud.