Campaign Reform


Here's my campaign reform idea in a nutshell that would eliminate the bulk of corruption regarding the financing and funding of candidates.




There is much work to do to make campaigns and elections fair across the board so more qualified leaders can be added to options and we no longer just have a choice between the lesser of two evils.

I will push for REAL campaign reform and not the façade of reform being espoused by my opponents.  We must make the process of campaigning for political office fair and equitable across the board.  That means eliminating the reason why only the “Rich and Powerful” have the opportunity to be elected to high offices of government.  In order to end the “Culture of Corruption,” we must eliminate the financial backing of ALL non-voting entities; this means PACs and corporations and businesses regardless of the affiliations with the state of Illinois, individuals or issues.  This puts the responsibility for elections squarely back on the voters and not special interest groups which have NO constitutional rights in any state or federal constitution.  Further, if you can not vote in the particular election, you can not finance that candidate.  In other words, people who are not registered voters in the state of Illinois can not finance an Illinois candidate and people who not registered voters in a particular county can not finance a candidate for that county, since they can not vote for that candidate.

Financial backing and the amount of money in one’s “War-chest” should not be the determining factor for electing our officials.  I’ve been told by one Republican candidate in particular that without 10-30 million dollars, I don’t have a chance of winning.  On one hand he is right, without millions of dollars I cannot hope to afford to advertise in the Chicago media market.  This means potentially millions of voters may not hear about my campaign and know that I am a viable alternative to the other candidates.  This robs voters of a constitutional right to know who the candidates are.  In an effort to combat the “Culture of Corruption” we MUST take away the reasons for this corruption and it always comes back to the issue of the dollar.


I believe in representing “We, the People,” NOT the corporations and not only the financially well off.