Accountability and Integrity


Undoubtedly, two of the most important aspects that are being talked about these days are Integrity and Accountability.  We hear a lot of Illinois politicians talk about bringing Integrity and Accountability back to Illinois.  Interestingly, it is by politicians whose integrity and accountability are in question.

I believe a person’s history is a VERY BIG indicator as to that person's character.  There is a little thing (actually, a BIG thing) called trust.  Trust is something that is earned, not given.  If you want to know whether a person is trustworthy or not, you must take a look at their past; talk to the people who know them best.

People ask, "How can we be sure you will maintain your integrity?"

There are actually very few people that I really look up to, or consider to be “a hero”, but Billy Graham is one of them.  One of the most important principles that Billy Graham established and has tremendously impacted my life was his creation of “Accountability Partners.”  When Mr. Graham first started his ministry, he made a pact with two of his closest friends, Grady & T.W. Wilson, to be accountable and responsible to each other.

Accountability is a major contributor to Integrity and there are three things that have contributed to and will continue to contribute to my accountability and my integrity:

1)  You can tell a lot about a person by whom they surround themselves with.

It wasn’t long after I joined the Marine Corps that I discovered how important this particular principle was.  There is no doubt that if I hadn’t joined the Marine Corps and started associating with a higher caliber of people, I would have found myself in prison or worse.  Since that time, I have consistently surrounded myself with people of honor, integrity and accountability.  I will be asking those people who know me best to hold me accountable the most.

2)  I will be available to the citizens of Illinois and to my country.

I found it laughably disingenuous of Senators Durbin and Obama, to invite us to D.C. for Coffee.  Are you kidding me??  How many of us have the money to just catch a flight out to D.C. for Coffee with our Senator and then fly back?  I believe that I need to be accessible to the people of Illinois and I am a strong supporter of "BRING HOME THE POLITICIANS."

3)  For over 22 years, I was held accountable and responsible for every aspect of my life.

For those who were never in the Marine Corps, you have no understanding of how we were held responsible for our actions, in and out of uniform.  I was not only held accountable for my own actions, but for the actions of those I was responsible for, including my family.  When put in charge of any financial resource, we were held accountable down to the last penny regardless if it was in the management of a few dollars or managing the budget of millions.