Agriculture is probably one of the single most important industries we have here in these UnitedState of America.  And yet, agriculture is probably one of the hardest hit industries

I grew up in Canton, Illinois, which I have described as having grown up out in the middle of the cornfields.  While it wasn’t excessively large, I helped my grandfather plow, disc and harrow his fields in preparation for planting.  Once it was time for harvest, I also remember “peddling” sweet corn, tomatoes, and green beans.  We were charging a whopping 50 cents for a dozen ears of sweet corn.

I also know what it is to “detassel corn” in the summer.

I absolutely believe in the family owned farms and I know that they are suffering and they are suffering from a federal government that refuses to conduct itself according to the Constitution.

Now, I will admit that I need to learn a considerable more in dealing with the international issue of agriculture.  But I can tell you this:

  • I will support our farmers and help them to be independent.
  • I believe that being subsidized is an insult to our American farmers and gives government too much control.  However, the only way we can do that is to act on the next bullet.
  • I will stand against CAFTA, NAFTA and other international treaties and agreements which is a danger to our farmers and our American way of life.

The way I see it, if things continue in the way things are going, state farm won’t just be an insurance company, but will be the only way that farms operate.